Thursday 16 December 2010

iar: magazine Z

Z = Zoo [Issue 350 26 Nov-2 Dec 2010 £1.80 pp 92]

Describe it: male interest magazine - boobs, sport, lifestyle ;-)
Would I buy again: no
Time taken to read: 22 mins with TV
My lover said "this is bilge isn't it"
My lover's friend said "all the women are hanging"

Headline that sums up the magazine:

Surprise: I did a small smile at these jokes:

Alternatives: I did spot an alternative somewhere - but I didn't buy it and then the moment was gone... :(

Bought from: a friendly but formal man in a London newsagent. I bought 6 magazines in one go. I wondered if he had any thoughts about why I was buying these particular magazines - did he think I had eclectic tastes (fashion, lad's mags, self-help, cooking, rap) or that I was buying them for someone else? Do people go into a newsagent and buy lots of mags - for themselves and the rest of the family?

[in case you were wondering... I struggled to think of anything to say about this magazine, so I asked my lover and his friend to pick out the woman they found most attractive - what one has to do for art! ;-) ].