Wednesday 30 June 2010

colour co-ordinated?

yellow moth

Tuesday 29 June 2010

Thursday 24 June 2010

the grievous man

There is a man sat behind me on the train. He is talking to a woman on his phone. He is crying. Weeping. At times he can't speak because he is crying so much. I imagine he has snot running out of his nose. He gets off at Wateringbury and stands under the sign straight opposite my window. He has ginger hair and blue clothes and brown sandals and a black bag. My camera is out... but his hurt is his own and I leave him in solitude with it.

Wednesday 23 June 2010

iar: toilet door - schema

How do we know where the toilet is?

How do we know which is the toilet door? How do we know if it's for men or women (or both!)?

Monday 21 June 2010

beauty amongst the grey IX

Sainsburys, Tonbridge.

Saturday 19 June 2010

iar: magazine H

H = Hali [Issue 162 Winter 2009 £1 pp 148+16+cover]

Thursday 17 June 2010

iar: toilet door XII

De Vere Venues - heaving metropolis (population: approx 7,700,000)

Wednesday 16 June 2010

iar: magazine G

G = Grazia [Issue 274 21 June 2010 £1.95 pp 148]

iar: toilet door XI

Same office, different toilet, 13th floor - heaving metropolis (population: approx 7,700,000)

iar: magazine F

F = Focus [Issue 217 July 2010 £3.60 pp 116]

Tuesday 15 June 2010

iar: toilet door XI

Gymnasium - small town (population: 30,340)

iar: toilet door X

Same Office, different toilet, different door - heaving metropolis (population: approx 7,700,000)

Monday 14 June 2010

cubicle art


iar: toilet door IX

Wagamamas - small town (population: 56,500)

Sunday 13 June 2010

already dead VI

may contain scenes of mild peril... ;-)

Saturday 12 June 2010

Friday 11 June 2010

already dead V

iar: toilet door VII

Sankey's - small town (population: 56,500)

Thursday 10 June 2010

iar: toilet door VI

The Humphrey Bean - small town (population: 30,340)

Tuesday 8 June 2010

iar: toilet door V

Office - heaving metropolis (population: approx 7,700,000)

Sunday 6 June 2010

iar: toilet door IV

Beaconsfield services - M40 (population: transient)

Saturday 5 June 2010

iar: toilet door III

Barbican - heaving metropolis (population: approx 7,700,000)

Friday 4 June 2010

second glance

feminine hygiene IX

the darker side of effective hand drying

Wednesday 2 June 2010

Tuesday 1 June 2010