Sunday 26 June 2011

the lace and the puddle

l: how's it goin'
p: cool
l: how'd you get here
p: just dropped in and thought I'd hang around for a bit
l: Hmmm
p: Hmmmm... what about you?
l: yeah, I kind of wandered here, thought I'd stay for a bit....
...I used to have a twin. We went everywhere together - but one day my twin just snapped... and that was it, the man got rid of us both.
p: tough
l: it was a job-share, all or nothing deal.
l: we stayed together for a while, went to some pretty dark places if I'm honest, but then I saw the light, squeezed out through a hole, and here I am. I've been up and down these streets all my life - but now I'm not sure where I'll go.
p: hmmm, we're more a collective - massive group of us working together, always changing... like a pop-up event... we get together and then we part. we might get together again but there's so many of us it's unlikely.
p: so you going to stay a while?
l: yeah, maybe, see what happens. You?
p: we're at the whim of the weather
l: (laughs)
p: if the sun comes out I'll be gone, if those clouds blow over here I'll probably spill over somewhere else - maybe the sewers
l: urggh (grimaces)
p: stomach acid, sewers, soaring through the sky, sliding down a mountain - there's highs and lows
l: so are you immortal then?
p: we are. Aren't you?
l: I never gave it much thought. I used to think so... but everything's changed so much lately...
p: sky's looking clear - I'm going soon
l: I'll just hang here for a while

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