Saturday 21 August 2010

iar: magazine M

M = Men's Health [September 2010 £3.99 pp 169+50]

M is for a male men muscle motorcycle masculine music man. M is definitely a male magazine letter - but it was great to have so much choice - and maybe disappointing that I bought Men's Health. I've done general-interest women and specific-interest men so thought it was time for a broader-interest man.

Rather than a 'free magazine' or an insert, we have our first flip'n'read.

This is a very strange magazine... it has instructions on how to read it...

...and a one-page summary at the end of each section so you don't have to.

It's full of lots of random out of context snippets of 'health' info and quick fixes, all with a reference to some scientific research...

So crack out the Marlbi Lights, you'll be fine so long as you crack out the pinot grigio and a bit of home-cookin' with it!

There's lots of pages of exercises (increase your muscles and your testosterone), and a few pages about sex and pictures of semi-naked women - presumably so it's clear who the mag's aimed at as most of the pages are full of muscular men and recipes :-)

Describe it: "The UK's best selling men's magazine"
Would I buy again: no
Time taken to read: lots of bits
My lover said: "I'm looking at the sex tips" "This is awful" "This is really f**king awful" "The advice (exercise and sex) is just wrong!" "I can't think of anything else to say about it, it's just so tedious."

Alternatives (there definitely were!):
  • Metalhammer - free Iron Maiden mousemat and groovy holographic cover
  • Mojo - yawn...(free old rockers CD though)
  • Music
  • MensWorld
  • MoneyWeek
  • Marketing
  • Modern Drummer
  • Make Jewellery
  • Muscleman
  • Men's Health
  • Muscle + Fitness
  • Mountain Biker
  • MBR (Mountain Bike Rider)
  • Motorsport
  • Max Power
  • Motor Racing
  • Motorcycle
  • Mac Format

Bought from a man who was very, very friendly with a £5 note.

[in case you were wondering... these are the £5.57 worth of spices that make a tasty marinade to make your meat too spicy for cancer! Wotta bargain! :) ].